Business Events

The common denominator in every business event is that you as an organizer want to convey a message to the visitor. That can be sharing knowledge, presenting a product or thank you in the form of a nice party for employees or customers. Whatever form it is, in all cases your story must be crystal clear. The better you do this, the better your message will stay with the visitor.

For more than ten years, we at Starlive have made every effort to convey the stories of our clients to their visitors. We do this by diving into every detail of your organization and product, your story and your target group, and using that knowledge to determine the best resources and channels to be deployed. We go through such a process side by side with you, our client.

We are here to make you and your message shine!

Sarka Kohoutova
Microsoft Teams Program Manager

I have had a few calls with our Director and she is mentioning everywhere to everyone that the party in Amsterdam was the best one she ever experienced during her Microsoft times! And she’s attending the coolest conferences and parties ever! You rock guys!

Ayda Kocaibrahimoglu Ozbakirci
Microsoft Services

It was wonderful to work with you, thank you for your amazing support, professionalism and friendship.

Hanno Spanninga

I especially noticed that during the two days of construction and execution, I did not see anyone from Starlive running or screaming. They had everything under constant control. Very professional.

Sector management Businesses

We look back on a very successful kick-off from our community on October 15th. We owe this success to the top location, your contribution to the content program, the experience tours and your help and support before and during the day itself. For that we want to thank you very much! We are proud of what we have achieved together and we look forward to the next collaboration.

Peter Schuhmacher

Again, thank you very much, it was perfect thanks to you. I keep on receiving compliments. To a large extent, they are meant for you, it was a professional and high-quality event.

A great band that has made it a fantastic party for our employees and us. We can look back on a very successful evening. Thank you for your help.


Split, Croatia was unbelievable! The program was great.

Annick van Dyck

Thank you for the streamlined organization of the Travix party. It was again a great success and I only hear good feedback.

Barbara Kok

Thank you for the good ideas and your energy and commitment. We have received many enthusiastic responses to our “stand”. I think we will use the Mission Control Room concept more often.

Bram Schoordijk

What a great day yesterday !!! This was the best directors day ever! Very good atmosphere, good subjects. Fast… Perfect organization.

Visual Storytelling

Why does your company do what it does? What about your product? In every event concept that we devise with you, we let the story of your organization speak. This is reflected in the corporate identity of the event, in the presentation on stage and in every little detail of the day. We completely immerse your guests in your product or brand and thus create a huge involvement with your product through visual storytelling.

always in co-operation with you

You may see the Starlive team as an extension of your organization or department. Your objectives become ours and together we strive for the best result. We provide you with advice and creative input in the brainstorming phase and ensure that your events run smoothly and carefree. And we do everything we do together with you. There is nothing better for us than to let you shine.

nothing is impossible

“Can’t be done”, does not exist for us. The greater the challenge, the better! A 10 meter high fountain at your event? No problem. An event simultaneously in 4 countries? Easily. No matter how great the logistic challenge is, Starlive solves it. For our clients, we’ll do anything to get the job done perfectly.


To really let people remember your story, we always create unforgettable experiences.

In today’s world where everyone has “seen it all”, innovations are indispensable to attract people’s attention. We are the best in the world of events when it comes to using innovations for event purposes. With our worldwide network of innovative partners we are always able to create the best experience for your target group. As long as the innovation contributes to telling your story right.

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