On 6 February in the Philharmonie in Haarlem, the second edition of the CIO Summit site was held. An event in the context of leadership, strategy and innovation. Starlive was asked to furnish an entire room on the trading floor. Starlive devised the concept of the Innovation Terminal, where the innovative CIO was central. It was a first-class waiting area where CIOs in a relaxed manner could converse with each other. Of course there was also fantastic coffee, prepared by a barista. In the room there were booths with touch tables. These tables had a specially custom layout and content for this event. In the middle of the room a high tech table was put down, act took place a talk show that was accompanied by Elsemiek Havenga. Several cases were treated. It was also possible to attend the session by headphones, so the range was even bigger. The room was decorated with a mobile of luggage, the proverbial baggage that they bring its innovative journey. The day was a success! The informal atmosphere and the good substantive program made many valuable contacts were made.