Microsoft Experience booth

During the DHPA Techday, an inspiration day for hosting providers DeFabrique in Utrecht, Microsoft had as main sponsor an entire hall at its disposal as stand. The aim was to give visitors an inspiring way to get acquainted with their advanced cloud solutions. Starlive communication & events has developed the concept of a Mission Control Room. A fully equipped room in this atmosphere full of desks with computers, monitors and tablets, which all kinds of demo programs could be tried. Upon entering, visitors were welcomed by a holographic projection that made initiate them into the space. In addition to the work area with tables, there was a relax area, including a futuristic-looking water massage capsule and seating areas, where they could play with the latest Xbox One. To generate leads Starlive developed a special Cloud Master game with questions and games of skill. Before being able to play every gamer had to leave his data and had a chance to win the grand prize. The theme of this day was All Hands on Tech. Microsoft announced this by a number of times in which a news alert went off, complete with red flashing lights. Then followed a short presentation with fascinating information about the latest developments. Microsoft looks back on a successful concept. Starlive develops again and again surprising stands. No standard position walls, banners and standing more. Because the belief is that you have to make it fun for visitors, make them curious and let people themselves get to work. The best way to get in touch with visitors and talk about their concerns and they are interested.