Bakspiratie – Baking inspiration event

The artisan bakery experienced, thanks to Starlive, a unique first edition of the event BakSpiratie. Surprising speakers, creative workshops and tasteful tasting inspired over 300 bakers. Radio Kootwijk was the setting for this inspiring event. From off-site parking, guests were transported with military trucks to this location. In the trucks, they were already warmed by the enthusiastic vote of 538 DJs Jente Tomcat and Martijn Biemans. In the middle of the pond in front of the building was a complete radio studio built for all-day program it was broadcasted with music and inspiring conversations with the participants and speakers. Around the pond was made one long table, where all sorts of surprising and inspiring sandwiches and sweets were presented, which were made by different vendors based on the logo. BakSpiratie was devoted to “The Story of ….”. Individuality, commitment and follow your heart are important keys to success. During the morning session listened to inspirational bakers craft entrepreneurs from other industries, with their success stories and a tasting led again for inspiration. On the square was a complete tent village built where the bakers after lunch could participate in various inspiring workshops, based on predetermined topics that are important for the successful craft business. The day concluded with a plenary session includes a video compilation of the various workshops, improvisation comedy and a story of Ilja Gort, who with his wine informal congress drink heralded. After giving 97% of the bakers have experienced a useful and inspiring day.