Microsoft Company Meeting


VENUE: Amsterdam ArenA

Microsoft wanted to organize a Company Meeting for all its employees, during which they were briefed on strategy, developments and internal affairs, such as housing the head office in the Netherlands. The program included a plenary meeting and various sessions, which the employees could attend to their preference, where they could choose from various strategy or workplace-related themes. Starlive came up with a suitable location: the Amsterdam Arena, because Microsoft is a partner of the Innovation Center, where they collaborate on the stadium of the future. More than ten halls in the Amsterdam Arena were used for the event.
We enriched the initially standard-looking program with a few concepts and innovations, as a result of which all employees, who are really used to these kind of events, were surprised and enthusiastically contributed to a positive outcome of the day.

During the plenary program, the employees were addressed by the director. After this they were shown short pitches, where the presenters of the subsessions creatively tried to convince the audience why they should visit their session.
Hostesses, dressed in football outfits with the session titles, guided the guests to the subspaces. In addition, custom-made floor stickers and huge LED balloons also showed the guests the way to the right halls.
In addition to visiting the subsessions, the employees could also enter the football field for a while. This is because the Microsoft Idea Box was here. In this bus Microsoft employees could pitch their ideas to management. A very inspiring place in the Amsterdam ArenA with a view of the stadium from a unique point of view.
During the informal drink, guests could play DJ themselves with the highly innovative DJ Machine. By combining 4 blocks with sound samples of rhythm, vocals, bass and guitar (in the Microsoft colors), they created wonderfully varied background music.

Our partners at this event, the ArenA, Maison van den Boer and AVEX, told us to be inspired by our creativity and drive to turn a regular conference into something more. With a great event and a very satisfied client as a result.