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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy explains which personal data collects online and how we use this data. Read this carefully.

In general, we collect information about you when you visit our website or contact us via e-mail, telephone or by completing a contact form on our website. We use this and other data to provide you and our other customers with a better service, marketing and support (including by analyzing your data to ensure a personalized experience). When you contact us through one of these ways, we may request your permission to use your information for specific purposes. Your choices about how we use data are described here. is a person in charge (i.e. a person responsible for processing personal data) with regard to all data that collects about you and receives when you use our services. is bound to and uses your data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Telecommunications Act.

1. Cookies

Like many other websites, we use cookies (small text files that are placed on your computer by our website) and tracking tools.

We collect your data in different ways:

a. Straight from you.

For example when you sign up for a newsletter, fill out a contact form or contact us through another way.

b. By using our websites.

You can view and use our website(s) via a computer, telephone, tablet or other device. We use tracking tools such as browser cookies and web beacons on our websites to collect data about your use.

c. From third parties.

For example, if you choose to use an integrated social media function on our website, the social media party will provide us with certain information about you.

2. Information that we may store about you

We use the following data for the purposes described in this policy:

a. Your contact details.

We store the contact details provided by you (for example, name, address, telephone number, e-mail, country in which you live, preferred language) when you complete an online form or become / become a customer with us.

b. Your payment and billing information.

We process the payment and invoice information you provide for processing your order, for example your account number.

c. Data placed online by you.

For example, we store data that you have placed on our website or on an external social media site to which we have access (such as reviews posted by you or completed surveys). When placing data online, the rights of others should not be infringed (including the right to privacy) and you should be aware that others can use, ‘tag’ and / or republish your data in a way that you would not expect (even in a way that is unlawful). You understand that we and others (including our Producers) may use and republish your publicly posted data. This also includes the data that you have placed on our website or social media functions.

3. Information about your preferences

We may collect information about the matters that you are interested in on our website. We can also store data about interests and demographic categories that we derive from your interaction with us, to provide you with a better service and to provide you with more targeted information.

Information about the use of the website. When you visit our website, we may collect information about the browser you use and your IP address (this is a number that identifies specific network equipment on the internet and that your device needs to communicate with websites). We can see from which site you came to us, what you did and did not do on our site and which site you visit when you leave our site.

4. We may use your data in the following ways and for the following purposes

a. To provide you with products, services and support.

b. To send you messages in response to your questions / requests in a web form.

c. To identify trends and interests.

We use your data to know what your preferences could be, so that we can improve our offer to you and so that your experience with us is more focused and personal.

d. Checking and improving our products, services and websites.

We analyze your data to improve our understanding of you and our customer base in general. We do this to make better decisions about our services, advertising, products and content, based on a better informed picture of how our customers use our current services and to personalize your experience with us.

5. You have certain choices about how we use your data

When you are about to submit data, we may request your permission to collect, process or use personal data for specific purposes. If you wish to withdraw the consent that you have given us for such use of your personal data or if you wish to view or change your data, write to us or state your preference in one of the ways described in this section.

You can not only unsubscribe in writing, but also in the following ways:

a. You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing messages.

To no longer receive emails for promotional purposes, follow the Unsubscribe instructions in the email received.

b. You can request us to provide insight into the data that we have stored about you.

You can also request us to change or delete the data.

6. We can share your information with the following third parties

a. Within the organization.

We can share all your data with all stakeholders within our organization for all the purposes stated in this policy.

b. If we think this is necessary to comply with laws and regulations or to protect ourselves or third parties.

To the extent permitted by law, we may also, at the request of a government agency or other competent authority or organization, share information to protect or enforce our rights or those of a third party or to detect and prevent fraud and other crimes.

We use standard safety measures. We have taken security measures to protect your data. The standard security measures used by us depend on the nature of the data collected. Keep in mind that the internet is not 100% secure. We cannot promise that your use of our sites is completely secure. We recommend that you be careful when using the internet. This also includes not sharing your passwords.

If you have any questions or complaints about this policy or about your privacy or if you want to receive a copy of the data that we hold about you, please contact us.

To correct, change or update any information you provide, or to withdraw any permission you have given us, please contact us on +31 (0) 35 677 00 77 or info @ starlive. NL