Starlive is your partner in creating an exhibition stand that is different from what you are used to and that stands out at an event.

Starlive creates an overall concept, including design, execution, decoration and branding. We have innovative solutions which you can add to your stand to attract more visitors and get a higher ROI.


Innovations that will create a stop-and-wonder effect for every event!

FogscreenA projection on a water mist screen that people are bound to notice. Both two dimension and three dimension animations can be approached like a touchscreen, but in the air.

music_machineWith this DJ-machine visitors or guests can make their own music by adding blocks that represent rhythm, instruments or vocals. With the guidance of a real DJ. Good music guaranteed!

floating_displayThis patented technology makes it possible for an object to float in the air. Repelling magnets in combination with advanced electronics keep the objects in position.

mirror_displaySuppose a costumer visits your stand and in the mirror the weather forecast for next week is presented combined with a matching clothing advise, meanwhile your costumer can see how they look in the new clothing collection.

pepper_robotThe extremely popular robot Pepper is now also available in the Netherlands and available for your exhibition and event. Pepper has many functions for example; Pepper can present a product on an exhibition stand. Everybody wants to see that!

smart_glassSmart glass can turn any glass surface in to a matt surface. This technology makes it possible to project a video on windows. This is the perfect technology to give visitors a sneak peak of your new product!

Video_mappingInstead of projecting a video on a screen it is possible to project videos on 3D objects. This creates an extra dimension and makes the object come to life.

3D_hologramThis is a unique display that shows an animation in 3D. It is a combination of a holographic and a floating image. This animation can be a logo but also a person. Sound is also a possibility.

whispering_wallBased on sonar technology that uses micro vibrations to transform surfaces in speakers. Make the window of your shop stand out with sound. This technology can also be applied on tables or walls.

Augmented_realityThis technology adds an extra dimension to the world around you through your phone or tablet. This dimension creates a unique and impressive and unforgettable experience. Like Pokemon-GO.

ibeaconWhen the phone of a customer receives the signal of the beacon, they receive a welcome text, special offer, loyalty reward or further information about a product on their phone.

LED_carpetLED Carpet transforms the interaction between people and a room fundamentally. It changes the floor in a dynamic surface with endless possibilities.

transparante_displayThis transparent screen will stand out on your event. Products can be placed inside the display, and are still visible. But it is also possible to show a video on the screen.

Coffee_artWelcome your guests with a very special cup of coffee. With a specially designed coffeprinter it is possible to print a message on the coffee.Aa logo or an image are also one of the many possibility’s!


These LED tiles are designed for interactive stage floors. The tiles give the show an extra dimension because the décor is not only behind the artist/speaker but the décor is all around which creates a 3D experience.

easy_online_info_toolA unique experience of online shopping at your stand. The smartphone will be used as laser pointer with which the costumer points to a product. This product lights up through a underlying display and next the product information appears on the smartphone.

digital_hostessWith two camera’s and speakers is it possible for this robot to be used in every surrounding to experience a natural interaction. For example a conversation over a great distance (worldwide), as a virtual host, reporter or promoter of your stand.

We offer innovations that creates a “stop-and-wonder” impact for exhibitions and events. Tailored to your brand and comminication objectives. 

Wondering how we can help you attract more visitors to your stand?